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AFRIGEN and ABM Africa

Agribiomed (ABM) Africa has secured an exclusive license for Afrigen’s proprietary encapsulation technology for Cannabidiol (CBD) oil in the EU, UK and EEC. The technology makes CBD water soluble, and therefore up to 15 times more readily absorbable by the human body, boasting  a faster molecular onset of physiological action than regular forms of CBD oil. Using this technology has the benefit of unlocking significantly greater bioavailability, and thus a dramatically enhanced therapeutic effect.

A supplementary clinical bioavailability study using Afrigen’s technology is currently underway at an accredited EU clinical trial facility, and the results are due for release in Q3 2022. ABM’s Medical Director has been acting as expert consultant for the study.

Furthermore, ABM Africa has agreed to contract Afrigen in the interim, to manufacture encapsulated bulk CBD actives at their facility in Cape Town, South Africa.

Rajen Naidoo, commercial executive at Afrigen, says, “This is a significant milestone for Afrigen, and the relationship bears testimony to Afrigen’s investment in developing and commercialising world class encapsulation technologies, backed by real science. Furthermore, by partnering with ABM, a high tech, organic medical cannabis cultivator and processor – and a leader in the global Cannabis industry – we are confident that our technology is in excellent hands, to bring the best CBD products into these regions.”  

Globally, consumers are becoming increasingly more health conscious, and expect technologically superior products that offer multiple benefits fast.  Bioavailability refers to how easily a drug or substance can be used by the body, in order to have the desired clinical outcome. Naturally, greater bioavailability means more of the ‘active ingredient’ can be more easily absorbed and used, which translates into a more efficient and impactful healing process for the consumer.  

Rajen adds that, “Afrigen’s encapsulation platforms, established initially for the development of novel vaccines and adjuvants, allows for the development of many such health and food products”. He adds that, “we are confident that the increasing interest in Afrigen’s pipelines of encapsulated activities from all around the world, will see many such partnerships being established”. 

“The partnership with Afrigen and their team is an exciting opportunity for us”, says Henk Krebs, CEO of Agribiomed. “By using our cultivation facility in Lesotho to grow high quality, low cost medical cannabis, and combining that with Afrigen’s world class, novel water soluble technology, we are strategically well positioned to enter the EU and UK’s CBD beverage, foodstuff and cosmetic markets — which have a projected worth of over 1.2BN Euros by 2025 (Forbes, 17 August 2020)”.

Afrigen Biologics & Vaccines is a South African biotech company focused on the development and manufacture of novel biologics, vaccines and adjuvants. The company has unique expertise in a range of encapsulation technologies, which confer various extra benefits to the active molecule(s) being processed and enclosed. This technology can be applied to a plethora of wellness applications, among others, CBD medicinal modalities. Visit Afrigen at

ABM Africa, a subsidiary of Guernsey based ABM Global Limited, is set to expand with manufacturing facilities and partnerships in the EU in 2024. Henk further explains that with the completion of a successful clinical trial, and the recent news from the UK FSA and EFSA, expanding their base of operations to the EU is the next logical step. And, with the assistance of Afrigen’s team of ambitious scientists, it’s here that they’ll also further develop their technology and drive even greater value.

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Clinical Trials

A supplementary clinical bioavailability study using the Afrigen technology is currently underway at an accredited EU clinical trial facility with the results thereof due for release in Q4 2022. ABM’s Chief Medical Director has been acting in a consultant role for the study.