Meet the team

The Agribiomed Team is a group of dynamic and passionate people – all with exceptional skills and proven track records. Our team has unparalleled experience and networks in the key areas of regional governmental regulation and cross-border transactions in sub-Saharan Africa. Our presence in the countries of product origin and in the EU, allows ABM to assess and adopt commercial and legal processes for the effective cultivation and distribution of hemp derived products.


Scott Henson | Chief Executive Officer

Scott’s is a strategic business leader with a passion for creating value in emerging industries. With expertise in the health & wellness sector, Scott has a natural entrepreneurial ability with strong
vision & deep understanding managing businesses through from start up to exponential growth & exit via private equity.

Specialities include helping C-Level teams develop sales & marketing strategies, creating sustainable value, brand strategy, growth through innovation & cross functional leadership.

Scott’s experience includes being a founding distributor of ‘ghd’, founder & MD of Pure Elixir, CCO True North labs AG as well as holding non-exec positions with businesses such as Capsule Comms
London, RAIN CBD & Ellipses Brands.

Paul Abrahams

Dr Paul Abrahams | Chairman

Paul is a qualified physician and completed his MBA at Oxford University before breaking into the biotech and medical devices sector in the United Kingdom in the late 1990’s. Apart from two strategic corporate stints at Investec and Discovery Health, Paul spent most of his career as a healthcare entrepreneur and successfully built, operated and exited several businesses over the last 18 years. Paul has significant capital raising experience, securing investments both locally and abroad.

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Lee-Anne Jacobs | Chief Operations Officer

Entrepreneur with a successful track record of launching brands in multiple cosmetic, health and wellness sectors. Lee-Anne has vast experience in the South African Cannabis industry, she was a Responsible Person at a licensed cultivation facility in South Africa. Lee-Anne is currently seconded to Morama Holdings, the cultivation facility in Lesotho. An expert QA, License and compliance consultant in the cannabis sector.


Melissa Smit | Chief Financial Officer

Melissa is a highly skilled and qualified Professional Accountant (SAIPA) with a solid foundation in accounting and finance. She successfully completed her articles in South Africa under the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) and holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting from the prestigious University of Pretoria.

With a strong academic background and a commitment to excellence, Melissa has gained valuable experience in various commercial operations. Her expertise extends to financial setups, where she has demonstrated proficiency in ensuring the financial health and compliance of organizations.

Melissa’s dedication to her profession is evident through her continuous pursuit of knowledge and adherence to professional standards. Her comprehensive skill set and hands-on experience make her a reliable and capable professional in the field of accounting.